Thursday, January 22, 2004

I'm hungry. Its 11.40 and I'm hungry.
Was what I would have said at 11.40, should it be 11.40 now, which it isn't. Its 13.55.
Now I'm not hungry. I'm debating whether or not to go and watch the track racing on Saturday at the velodrome. Hmm. Maybe not. It would mean an additional hotel room, at �50 or so.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Oh yes, I forgot. I had a new(er) mobile just before Christmas to replace the worn out Nokia, that I originally had delivered to me in Dartford at the end of 2000 ! A neat looking Motorola that is small & light and folds up to a diddy little thing. Easy to loose and no decent ring tones available, as it seems to be a discontinued model.
Weights last night. Bought a big blow-up ball to exercise with from Asda.

Where was I 10 years ago ? Jan 1993 ? (I mean 1994, Jan 1993 I spent in Sacramento)
Working at home with Ian McFarlane. I had the DEC box on the floor and two monitors on the table.
That knackered my dining room chairs having the two of us sitting there all day, for about 5 weeks. This was when I had been

banished from being Development Manager by the bad team of old boys, who put themselves in our places. Me, Andy, Lorraine, we

lasted just less than a year after that.
The usual day was Ian arriving at 9 or so, drinking lots of coffee, then he would go about 5, we would both often go to his local for a

couple of pints.
20 years ago ? Jan 1983 ?
I had worked out a training schedule that was based on 2 mid-week rides, up the California Way to Quinton, then down Mucklows

Hill, through Lye, out the Stourbridge ring road, that was in the early dawn, then along the main road, up over past Manchester Inn,

back over Frankley Beeches. One morning later Jan or early Feb I came off on the corner of our road on ice & cracked my face

open. 4 or 5 stitches I seem to remember.
30 years, 1973. Wait on, its 2004 not 2003 !
So early 1984 I had a better route, Bristol Road, Longbridge Lane, along that rolling road to Kings Norton, and a few laps of that of

an evening.
30 years ago, Jan 1974; Preparing for my A' levels, not riding much, I had a motorbike by then.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Felt really low this morning. Running out of work here, and there is nothing on the horizon. We're all in the same boat in our merry crew. Avast ye there Jim lad, splice the mainbrace and keep a weather eye open for doubloons.
Hahaha, pirates on Never mind the Buzzcocks.
Been eating less, changed my diet. Since last year I have been eating sandwiches at lunchtime, instead of the baked potato and salad I eat at Horwich. The consequence of this, plus the fact of eating a full meal and the all to often packet of crisps at home in the evenings, is I have gone from an average of 75Kg to 80Kg. Thats OK in itself, I seem to be riding well, training is fine. My resting HR is 45, which is excellent. The last hard ride with the lads was 75 miles and I went well. So thats OK. I'm planning on concentrating on the track, Mark says my extra weight is therefore no problem, they aren't any hills ! But I do want to ride the road, so better not become too lardy. I have gone on to fruit and fry crackers, I'll continue that for a while, and also keep off the crisps to see how my weight goes.

Monday, January 19, 2004

2 bottles of red on Saturday. Sunday morning was icy, but I really should have done at least 1 hour. Felt well sort of depressed all day. Just what the hell is at all about ? I imagine I am well into my mid-life crisis. Drinking far too much, I also hit 81.6Kg this morning. That is 6 Kg too much. My target is 75Kg, and soon. So today I am trying cereals followed by toast for breakfast. A banana and fruit/salad for dinner, and cooked tea. Then NO crisps, chocolate biscuits, cheese, chocolate and so on later. Except a raw carrot and some milk before I go to bed. Being at home so much I have slipped into bad eating habits.
Depressed as I weakened and drank so much on Saturday night, but that was partly because I decided to not go out, because of the weather and having to collect Dad for dinner and having to do some work, and having to work next Sunday. It makes me think, 'what the hell, why should I bother following a training routine when work keeps interupting it' ??
Well, why do I ?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

After just spending a while looking at webpics of Horwich, and feeling homesick, I realise more than ever that I have finally found a home.
After Wick, Erdington, Dartford this is it. About time too you old git.
Yesterday in view of the blooming of my current account, I hied me off to Fred Williams and ordered a Terry Dolan track star frame, hbs, seat, bb etc. All except the wheels. Excellent, I can't wait to collect it ! Thne a trip to Parkers, ordered a a pair of light enhancing yellow lenses for my specs. The guy that served me had a neat pair of perscription spec on, thats will be yet another �100 spent sometime soon ! Then a meandering route (A5, M6, M6toll, the new service station on the M6toll which was a petrol station only, not fully open, A38, saw a view of the distant, well not that distant only 40 miles, Weaver Hills, up to Hill Hook, Fazeley, old road past mud hill to Kingsbury, Wishaw and Minworth)
Worked the afternoon in Minworth in a big warehouse/factory place on the old sewerage farm. Home. Weight trained. Knackering.
Saturday it was freezing and very slidy. Took Joanne to station. Then out at 12.00, Alvechurch, Redditch, Henley, Knowle, Lakes, Wythall, Man-inMoon. 33 miles in 2 hours. Then worked. Doing the hose stuff I didn't do becuase I did the chicken plucker stuff. Overtime !! After a trip to Sainsburys for winw. If its slippy in the morning I wont get the chance to train before I collect Dad. any excuse !