Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Felt really low this morning. Running out of work here, and there is nothing on the horizon. We're all in the same boat in our merry crew. Avast ye there Jim lad, splice the mainbrace and keep a weather eye open for doubloons.
Hahaha, pirates on Never mind the Buzzcocks.
Been eating less, changed my diet. Since last year I have been eating sandwiches at lunchtime, instead of the baked potato and salad I eat at Horwich. The consequence of this, plus the fact of eating a full meal and the all to often packet of crisps at home in the evenings, is I have gone from an average of 75Kg to 80Kg. Thats OK in itself, I seem to be riding well, training is fine. My resting HR is 45, which is excellent. The last hard ride with the lads was 75 miles and I went well. So thats OK. I'm planning on concentrating on the track, Mark says my extra weight is therefore no problem, they aren't any hills ! But I do want to ride the road, so better not become too lardy. I have gone on to fruit and fry crackers, I'll continue that for a while, and also keep off the crisps to see how my weight goes.


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