Monday, January 19, 2004

2 bottles of red on Saturday. Sunday morning was icy, but I really should have done at least 1 hour. Felt well sort of depressed all day. Just what the hell is at all about ? I imagine I am well into my mid-life crisis. Drinking far too much, I also hit 81.6Kg this morning. That is 6 Kg too much. My target is 75Kg, and soon. So today I am trying cereals followed by toast for breakfast. A banana and fruit/salad for dinner, and cooked tea. Then NO crisps, chocolate biscuits, cheese, chocolate and so on later. Except a raw carrot and some milk before I go to bed. Being at home so much I have slipped into bad eating habits.
Depressed as I weakened and drank so much on Saturday night, but that was partly because I decided to not go out, because of the weather and having to collect Dad for dinner and having to do some work, and having to work next Sunday. It makes me think, 'what the hell, why should I bother following a training routine when work keeps interupting it' ??
Well, why do I ?


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