Sunday, January 18, 2004

Yesterday in view of the blooming of my current account, I hied me off to Fred Williams and ordered a Terry Dolan track star frame, hbs, seat, bb etc. All except the wheels. Excellent, I can't wait to collect it ! Thne a trip to Parkers, ordered a a pair of light enhancing yellow lenses for my specs. The guy that served me had a neat pair of perscription spec on, thats will be yet another �100 spent sometime soon ! Then a meandering route (A5, M6, M6toll, the new service station on the M6toll which was a petrol station only, not fully open, A38, saw a view of the distant, well not that distant only 40 miles, Weaver Hills, up to Hill Hook, Fazeley, old road past mud hill to Kingsbury, Wishaw and Minworth)
Worked the afternoon in Minworth in a big warehouse/factory place on the old sewerage farm. Home. Weight trained. Knackering.
Saturday it was freezing and very slidy. Took Joanne to station. Then out at 12.00, Alvechurch, Redditch, Henley, Knowle, Lakes, Wythall, Man-inMoon. 33 miles in 2 hours. Then worked. Doing the hose stuff I didn't do becuase I did the chicken plucker stuff. Overtime !! After a trip to Sainsburys for winw. If its slippy in the morning I wont get the chance to train before I collect Dad. any excuse !


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