Thursday, April 10, 2003

I tried to be a smart-arse and post this last year !
Just noticed a week withot a single Blog ! The first week in December 2002. Why ? I dunno. Here is what I done and did;
Monday, Tue, Wed in Horwich, stayed at the Swallowfield. I notice I was at Primrose Hill on the Tuesday so I must have driven back afterwards. I also notice I drank a lot on the Wednesday ! The Tursday I went to Joannes college, then rushed off to the Hilton at Dartford bridge as I was in Remel on the Friday. Thats it for that week.
Thursday. Some trouble getting recent posts on the web page.
So this is what I didd; Went onto Settings, changed the date settings. Back on the Post page hit Publish, and all is now OK.
Yesterday evening went to Wood End for a bash with the lads. Hard. Ali showed his speed on the last lap with a ferocious attack on the rise just before the l/h turn, arghh, I nearly was dropped ! Tonigh I am supposed to do 6 30 second sprints, with a 20 minute warm-up and a 45 minute cool down. With 2 minutes in between each sprint. This means 1 hour 10 mins, will I be able to fit that in I arrive home at 18.10, 20 mins to change and out, home by 20.00. Thats too late, its too dark at 7.45. And if I don't make it because of traffic, no. I'll do the horrible alternative which is yet another awful turbo session, along the lines of 10 mins smallish gear, level 2, 8 bigger l3, 7 bigger l4, 6 l5m and so on. Lovely. Just think 5 or 6 years ago I used to look forward to going to the pub after leaving the office ! Last night was surreal, leave the office and 40 minutes later set off on my bike for a hard training session !

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The dream ! I forgot to post my dream !
I fell asleep on the chair after the wine last night, woke about 0330. Went to bed, then I had the dream. We (which one) were travelling, stopped by an old hotel sort of place. Went in, waited, got served and there were no menus, sat by a guy in a bow-tie who was enthusing over the food, I was thinking 'will it be expensive'. Thats all.
Feel OK at the moment. No panics so far with all the documents running live in Germany, but hey, theres time yet !
Went to Primrose Hill yesterday evening, the lads were standing round outside waiting the caretaker to open up, who never arrived. So after a chat in which I apologised for not showing up on Sunday at the 4-up, we went. The 3 lads for a meal at a pub, me & Brian to eat at home. Well, eat some cheese and drink a bottle of red & a bottle of Spitfire ale. Yum yum, Oh, after having done a ramp test of my own, got good results, 155 max at the end, then down to 101 after 1 minutes rest, then 84 after 3 minutes rest. I seem to remember it was 159, 112, 91 6 weeks ago. I'll check with Mark. So thats pretty heroic of me to go and do something, its partly because next week will be messy, I'm on Dartford Mon Tue, then I want a trip up to Manchester. Talked on MSN yesterday evening and I am afraid I waffled on nonsense. I told Hazel about when I ran away from home, and why. I think that just confused her as I had a text mssg this morning saying we have to talk. OK fine.
This evening its a rush to Wood End and lets hope a decent group turn up. There was something on the club e-chat about keeping it as proper structured training by only being a Birm CC event, but I didn't get that. Oh well.
And today and for the rest of this week I'm in Leamington. Which is nice.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Monday, hell no its Tuesday ! Get a grip sunny boy....
Thursday was work in the office and a turbo session. Then saw on the club e-chat room that my team in the 4-up team TT I was supposed to ride on Sunday were ordered to marshall. Sod that, I never really wanted to ride in the first place, and with roadworks reducing the duall carriageway to single in my opinion it was dangerous and should be cancelled. But oh no, my mouthy is determined it will go ahead. As events turned out it was a poor event. I feel slightly guilty now not turning up to help out. Some comments were there were insufficient marshalls. Other comments were poor signposting, it was difficult to find the HQ, the HQ car park was full, and there was a rugby match on, and it was too far from the HQ to the start. It sounded like bedlam in the changing rooms !
Friday was a trip to a place near Aylesbury, the software worked perfectly first time so I finished early. Got home and went for a steady spin in the mild sunny day ! No rush, light winds ! Then for Davids birthday we had a buffet lunch. Then I went and got some wine, hurrah !
Saturday the family went off shopping so a steady ride out round Gambolds and Bentley. Sunny and mild (15) again !
Sunday, misty and bloody cold ! Picked up Peter and off to ride the LVRC Enville, 53 miles. 5 times up a long hill, felt OK, struggled at the top on the last two laps, finished 15th out of a bunch of 25 left at the end. 50 or so starters. The whole race was under misty cold with a moderate N wind. Ugh.
Monday had scheduled a 90 minute road session at levels 2/3 or 45 mins. turbo. Did the 45 mins turbo with 8 mins warm-up and 6 warm-down. What fun. This evening is the last Primrose Hill, I will no doubt get some criticism for not turning up on Sunday to help out, as if my presence would have sorted out the mess.
Confused as ever about Manchester.