Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Monday, hell no its Tuesday ! Get a grip sunny boy....
Thursday was work in the office and a turbo session. Then saw on the club e-chat room that my team in the 4-up team TT I was supposed to ride on Sunday were ordered to marshall. Sod that, I never really wanted to ride in the first place, and with roadworks reducing the duall carriageway to single in my opinion it was dangerous and should be cancelled. But oh no, my mouthy is determined it will go ahead. As events turned out it was a poor event. I feel slightly guilty now not turning up to help out. Some comments were there were insufficient marshalls. Other comments were poor signposting, it was difficult to find the HQ, the HQ car park was full, and there was a rugby match on, and it was too far from the HQ to the start. It sounded like bedlam in the changing rooms !
Friday was a trip to a place near Aylesbury, the software worked perfectly first time so I finished early. Got home and went for a steady spin in the mild sunny day ! No rush, light winds ! Then for Davids birthday we had a buffet lunch. Then I went and got some wine, hurrah !
Saturday the family went off shopping so a steady ride out round Gambolds and Bentley. Sunny and mild (15) again !
Sunday, misty and bloody cold ! Picked up Peter and off to ride the LVRC Enville, 53 miles. 5 times up a long hill, felt OK, struggled at the top on the last two laps, finished 15th out of a bunch of 25 left at the end. 50 or so starters. The whole race was under misty cold with a moderate N wind. Ugh.
Monday had scheduled a 90 minute road session at levels 2/3 or 45 mins. turbo. Did the 45 mins turbo with 8 mins warm-up and 6 warm-down. What fun. This evening is the last Primrose Hill, I will no doubt get some criticism for not turning up on Sunday to help out, as if my presence would have sorted out the mess.
Confused as ever about Manchester.


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