Friday, March 21, 2003

Aha, Friday. I have given a training course, a bit of a struggle at first, I began to lose my voice on the first day from not being accustomed to public speaking, so drank lots of water. Only one on the course, but it was quite good in that a one-to-one imparted more learning and I think he picked the subject up well. He did say how much he enjoyed it ! The weather has been quite stunning of late, frosty overnight but clear and sunny and up to 14 C during the day ! The war in Iraq has started, with bombing and in invasion. Today I am at a company in Trowbridge, sort of SW of Swindon, that makes perfume for M&S and other companies. 110 mile drive down. Feel better about work as I have some to do ! I hope it lasts.


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