Saturday, March 15, 2003

I really think it is listening to Groove Armada that had brought on this feeling about Horwich. Ah, 'Take me to the river' first heard in March 1999. Yhose far-off idyllic days, when I was the project manager of I-R, and my career looked rosy, and it seemed that I would go on for ever earing bigger and bigger pay rises, from 31K to 34K, then ever upwards ! The first stop was the tax demand of �550 to be paid within 2 weeks or else ! Next was the realisation that in spite of an extra �3000 a year, I was earning hardly any more ! So on to 2000 and the fun in Milan, another check was the awful Italian project, the, oh well. Its history now. I felt last year, and even in 2001 to some extent I was clinging onto the job. When I got the new car in May I felt a little better, as surely this meant some trust in the future ? But no, no new systems, no big sales and the big deals we looked to get didn't happen, so when we were sold it was a shock but no surprise. Redundancies were more of a shock, but this last week was worse. There is a 'software factory' set up in Barcelona to do the work, so what of us ? Well, two of us, myself and Liam. In January 1999 before the final split between Qad/Largotim/TRW there were 10 of us !
Oh well, more booze. did a hard session last night, 10 sets of 4 minutes with a 1 min rest, was doing almost 4 mins at 160 HR ! Just did a steady 2 hours at level 1/2 (less than 130 )Difficult to keep it low !


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