Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I notice I seem less philosophical about my life than at this time last year, less able to look on my life and think. Is this because the realities of life are harsher, job insecurity, the looming war, the economic crisis, the fact I'm not sitting comfortably in Horwich ?
I heard on Friday the IT people were told their jobs would cease to exist over the next 12-18 months. Well thats a nice thing, after the long hours and time away from families some of those people put in, usually for free. Yes, for free !
The weekend I worked in Italy I got myself �1000 plus overtime, while those I-R guys were doing it for free. Mind you, leaving home at 0430 Monday moring to get the flight to Milan, arriving back in Manchester at 19.00 on Thursday then staying over or driving home to be back in Horwich for the Friday. That was tough but didn't really feel it at the time, except for the time I was ill.


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