Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Wednesday and my legs have not been 'pinging' this week. Not at all. Though they feel slightly better now. My HR is up at 49-51 too. This is down to the hard training over the weekend. I felt well shagged on Monday. I really didn't want to go to the Primrose Hill session on Tuesday evening, I felt quite tired as I left Leamington. But, the first few minutes of warming up I didn't. I even left a tee-shirt on until almost the start of the first hard session. This was different to all we've done before, put some resistance on ! So put 2 clicks on, & used a middle gear for the 3.5 mins @ 90-100 rpm, used 53x15, then into 53x13 for the 30 secs of sprint. 5 times with 1 min rest, 10 mins of abomnible addominals, then 3 20 seconds flat-out from standing start sprints. Grrr. Then another 10 mins of ab work, then 3 sets of the 3.5 mins & 30 secs sprint, then cool down & stretch. Oh what fun. I think the nett effect is to perk my legs up. I am going to do Mondays session this evening, which I seem to recollect is 90 secs at 100 rpm in top gear repeated 12 times. Ugh. I think I shall do myself a few press-ups a couple of times each week.
Roll on Flanders.
Dra zijn te Vlaanderen !


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