Monday, February 17, 2003

Monday, at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. A damn site posher place than Horwich, Lancashire. But I think I would rather be in Horwich. Maybe events of the next few days will find the truth of that, I will see how my visit fares to stay at Horwich at the Swallowfield with a foray into Manchester. Hee hee.
Weekend was hard, did 10 by 5 minutes hard 10 mile TT pace on Saturday. Which was stupid as I should only have done 8. Sunday was cold and grey, with a wind chill of -6. Which was fun to ride through. Did 61 miles including a few hard stints with Bob & Alistair, so that was hard.
So until I see what comes out of Wednesday in Horwich. Fun I hope.
Just had a fairly sucessful day so far (Its now 15.30) Got documents processing correctly over the server and printing in Germany. So so far, so good !
This chap sitting close by must be a vegetarian. He farts all day long. And he went on the 'peace' march last weekend. Deluded fool.


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