Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Hey hey !
Got drunk Monday night. So instead of 40 minutes on the turbo I went to Sainsburys, bought a bottle of Kentish beer, a bottle of red, a bag of black pepper crisps and went home and consumed. While listening to various tunes & looking around the internet. Washed down with a glass of Kahula & Irish Cream. Ugh. Bed at 0100, not bad !
On Tuesday nothing to do, so 'worked' at home. Took Joanne to college, drove aimlessly around including driving up the steep bit of Ryknild Street, which when I first rode up it in 1981 was nicely tarmacced, but is now turning into a track. Then had a nice spin around Hopwood, Bittel Lane, Uplands, Cobley Hill, Rowney Green, Watery Lane. Which is a lot less watery as the ditches either side have been dug out and the drainage improved.
Circuits at Primrose Hill, horrible, 1 minute star jumps, 1 min. squats, 1 min. press-ups, 1 min squat thrusts, 1 min. stars, 1 min rest. Then 1 min sit-ups, 1 min dorsal raise, 1 min ab-curls, 1 min crunches, 1 min dorsal raise, 1 min rest. Then did that 2 more times ! Then gear5 at 100 rpm 1 min, down to 5, did 5 times. Talked to H on mob. Then home for food & shower.
Missed the North on Monday, getting used to it now.


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