Friday, February 21, 2003

Blog blog, bloggitty blog.
This is Friday. How clever of me to notice.
Wednesday, left Leamington at 16.20. Drove up the Fosseway with the intention of joining the A5, but found myself on the M6 which was fine until Corley where it simply ground to a halt. Then very, very very slow to the next junction where I got off to join the M42 en route to the A5. After Coleshill I could see brake lights going on over the hill, so turned back through Coleshill, Whitacre Heath, Fazely and onto the A5 which slowed right down until I hit the big island. Along to the A38, fast, A50, fast (mind you, two hours had elapsed by the time I did 68 miles) A500 and finally the M6. Stopped at Knutsford to say I'd be late and sort out when I'd pick Hazel up. Quick shower at Swallofield (its nice to be back !) and picked up Hazel. Then, a bottle of red, later we went to say hello to John and Lynne, and Hazel had a good talk, and a few of Johns big measures of brandy. Well I was onto Smirnoff Ice, eventually went to bed at 02.00 (So Lynne said on Friday morning) fun fun fun. Woke up not feeling to good. But, checking out John just had me paying for the drinks ! Got the room for nothing ! What a great guy. Anyway, took Hazel home via buying a chain link thing at Smiths in Bolton. Then a long slog down the M6, (Might have got captured by a speed camera near Stafford), M5, M42, M40 to Leamington arriving around 11.20. Phew.
Didn't train last night, felt tired and not good after the alcohol. Took Metro in for repairs. Then back to Leamington.


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