Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Wednesday. Ooh, this is becoming a weekl;y occurance.
So, what did I do ? Thursday, er, went to Leamington & worked. Friday into the office for a meeting, a little bit nervy as rumors were there are jobs being cut. But no, not yet. Went and bought some brake blocks from Decathlon in Merry Hill, big sports super-store. Crap really. The store not the brake blocks.
Saturday tried a little spin out round the back of Bromsgrove, went OK but took it steady. Sundau met the lads, left early at Binton and rode steadily home with the wind on my back through Bidford, Dunnington, Astwood Bank and Tardebigge. Usual rush to collect Dad for dinner.
Monday went and got new tyres then a slow meander up to Ilam, over to Hartington & Buxton, Glossop and Horwich. Got a new CD-DVD & a USB card for the pc. And some crisps & wine from Asda and pigged out on a double bacon and cheeseburger from Burger King. Into the Swallowfield for a shower and off to pick up H. Back and a good evening including the usual latish (01.00) in the bar. Didn't drink as much as last time. Checking out the bill was �60. Which is reasonable, I estimate I spent �15 - �20 on drink. Took H home then off down the M6, but oh no, traffic slower, and stopped so came off an J11 and attempted the cross-country through Aldridge, A5, A38, M42 but it took 1.5 hours so arrived in Leamington at 12.00. Which was too late. Got the document printing after a struggle. Home and to Primrose Hill for a fun turbo/abdominals session.


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