Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Hello bloggity blog land. Just read this on Dan Walters' Blog, and its all about JLo and her crap song;
But it should be fuck off, not f*** off. This tune irritated me so much I usually turned it off when it seeped itself through the speakers into my ears. As I often do with much of the moronic babblings of Rado 1 djs and the glutinous trash they play. To such an extent I tuned in to Radio 2 this morning for the usual move along the car park that extends from the M40 to this industrial estate where I am. Much better standard of babbling djs on Radio 2.
Now thank you Mr. Walters I can't get that Jenny from the Block tune out of my head.
So its just over a year ago I did my first blog and where am I ?
A pile of mid-life crisis unsure of my future, now Q is my employer, almost as hopeless as TRW but with the added uncertainty of continual cost-cutting. Which was nice to know they have just employed a shiny new highly-paid UK HR director. So the ratio of mangers to workers is being kept high, we can never have sufficient managers I say.
But back to the assesment, H is head over heels in love with me making me lead a double life, a Manchester life and a Midland life. She has plans, but I am not sure if I want to be part of that, a sort of idyllic slippers-by-the-fireside lovey-doveyness in a cottage. Ugh, no. I'm not keen on that comfortabel idea, not yet. So long as I can turn a pedal in anger I'll keep to the bike. I'm not done yet, luck and health being witj me I want to do some great things before I really am too old for racing. I have a mind to go for the track and pursuiting. I'll give it a try this year then we'll see how far I can go. I doubt I can get anywhere at UK level on the road.
I am almost happy spending 4 hors slogging in rain and cold and shit, rather than kicking my heels in the warm ! Which is odd, OK in a youngster anxious for glory enduring all that crap seems worthwhile, but for a 46 years-old creaky bloke it is a little odd, to say the least. Is it ? Looking at people of my age running to seed, maybe not. Look at MD one of my erstwhile boozing buddies from the Dudly days, serious heart attack in his early 50s and now off work for many months. So could that have been me if I had continued living as I did in 2000, heavy nights in hotel bars, an almost daily intake of burgers and other junk, no exercise. So that, at least is a positive point.
But what of my life ? Well I know as much as anyone, we can only hope to plan as I just don't know.


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