Thursday, March 13, 2003

Yesterdays turbo session in my kitchen was a dead loss. I started warming up in a nice low gear and found it very hard to push round and started sweating copiously too soon. My resting HR was 52 earlier in the day, which is a little elevated. So I am obviously not recovered from the Tuesday session. This is bad, probably last weeks illness has slowed my recovery and I will have to take care not to overcook it. The plan was 1 min in 3rd from top, 1 in 2nd 1 in top gear, but after a 10 min warm up I just couldn't get the revs up in big gears so went lower and lower, eventually doing a half-hearted 9 sets in 53x18, 17 & 16. It just felt wrong. I'm off to measure my resting hr now.... and it is 52.


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