Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Feel OK at the moment. No panics so far with all the documents running live in Germany, but hey, theres time yet !
Went to Primrose Hill yesterday evening, the lads were standing round outside waiting the caretaker to open up, who never arrived. So after a chat in which I apologised for not showing up on Sunday at the 4-up, we went. The 3 lads for a meal at a pub, me & Brian to eat at home. Well, eat some cheese and drink a bottle of red & a bottle of Spitfire ale. Yum yum, Oh, after having done a ramp test of my own, got good results, 155 max at the end, then down to 101 after 1 minutes rest, then 84 after 3 minutes rest. I seem to remember it was 159, 112, 91 6 weeks ago. I'll check with Mark. So thats pretty heroic of me to go and do something, its partly because next week will be messy, I'm on Dartford Mon Tue, then I want a trip up to Manchester. Talked on MSN yesterday evening and I am afraid I waffled on nonsense. I told Hazel about when I ran away from home, and why. I think that just confused her as I had a text mssg this morning saying we have to talk. OK fine.
This evening its a rush to Wood End and lets hope a decent group turn up. There was something on the club e-chat about keeping it as proper structured training by only being a Birm CC event, but I didn't get that. Oh well.
And today and for the rest of this week I'm in Leamington. Which is nice.


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