Friday, October 24, 2003

I just messed up my post, but here goes again;
Money - bad, becoming very overdrawn each month, mainly because of the failure of the bonus (ha ha ha hahaha) to materialise.
And the fact I can't sell my shares until next year at the earliest.
I have curtailed my spending, no big buys since �200 on a Dura-Ace chainset in June or July.
Bough 'Phoenix Nights' series 1 on DVD last week - excellent ! And bought The Strokes latest CD, once again excellent.
On holiday all next week, excellent !
Friday. Nothing to add, didn't go to Manchester yesterday. Did a turbo session. Thats it.
Weight over last year:
March (after Belgian weekend and illness) 71.5Kg
April-July average; 74 Kg
August (after holiday) 80Kg
Now; 79.4Kg
Ho hum.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Friday drank too much.
Saturday took the cat to the vet for yearly innoculation.
Sunday out with the lads to Wellesbourne cafe. Good ride. A proper club run, steady and no mad tear-ups
Then I had to rush like mad to collect Dad for dinner.
Monday down to Dartford. Had a Burger King, Drank 2 bottles of red, then into the bar for Smirnoff ices.
Tuesday went a look round Bluewater shopping centre, saw lots of neat stuff, being short of cash I
just bought some cufflinks.
Then a couple of pints, a bottle of red and more beer/Smirnoff ice in the bar.
Terrible, too much alocohol.
Was going up to see H, I am not sure if she is so keen after her illness, and I am going off
the drive up this evening.
Surprisingly my weight hasn't shot up too much, 79.6, was 80 on Monday !
I should go on the turbo this evening.
Life isn't so much fun now I'm not in Bolton every week.