Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ugh, Thursday already, and what have you done ? A couple of half-arsed training rides, and eat and drank far too much. Had a couple of bottles of Australian red that went down very well, as did a lot of sausage rolls, bacon wrapped round cheese, bacon wrapped around sausages, crisps, biscuits, Stilton and chocolate.
Collected daughter and b/f from Bristol on Christmas Eve. Blimey, her flat is cold and damp. So took her out to Argos at Merry Hill and bought her a storage heater yesterday evening. And collected the crampons I ordered from Decathlon.
Decathlon; how do they make money ? A pair of Camp crampons (Oooh, camp crampons, are they for mincing up mountains ?) from Cotswold Outdoors is £75. Exactly the same pair from Decathlon - £61.

Blimey Islam in retreat:
Islamic forces have abandoned Somalia's capital Mogadishu and clan militias have begun taking control, according to reports.
"We have withdrawn all the leaders and members who worked in the capital," Sheikh Sharif Ahmed told Al Jazeera television.
He said the Somali Islamists remained united and explained the move as a change in tactics.