Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday. Feeling pretty depressed. What shit life can be.
Friday evening, beer and wine.
Saturday, did nothing, well, watched tv. Took the boy to look round the museum and art gallery. But where are the natural history parts ? The dinosaur bones ? Gone ! Replaced by 'hands-on' exhibits for people of low intellect ! Well thats another museum I won't be visiting again. Bought yet more beer.
Sunday was riding the last race on the nice circuit by Knowle, didn't. In fact Saturday and this morning I lied in bed until 10.00. Which is something I only do when I'm ill. Well I am ill, ill in the head.
Watched tv. Dug out a plant from the garden, collected Dad for dinner. Watched more tv. But didn't drink any more.
Now for computer-related fun and frolics.