Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not all bad news. Went to David's school yesterday evening for his final parent's evening. All of the teachers overwhelmed us with praise. He is looking at A/A* in every subject, oh except French which is a B, but could go up if he practises speaking French with a French accent.
Then he went to VIth Form college this morning for an interview, he was accepted to sit 5 AS levels, he will drop one after 1 year, then sit 4 A levels.
I just hope he carries on and don't get tempted by the usual things that hit a teenager.
Well well, a little bit different to my predicted 7 O'levels and eventual actual passes of 3 O'levels. Ha. Even though I left school with 7 O'levels and 2 A'levels, only passing 3 O's at the time seemed a total disaster. But the school persevered and I re-took and got 4 more, and then took 2 more (Accountancy and Economics) at Night School at Selly Oak college in 1977 when I was going to take some sort of accountancy course, but didn't.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ho, and indded, hum. Banned from the VR forum, I guess this is because of the pic I posted of the Austrian PM with pictures of hung Nazi victims pasted in the background. Not too bad in my opinion, but must have annoyed the VR admin team. So, fuck them, the pompous, prissy and politically corrected bunch of cunts. Many on the forum are OK, but I had a run-in with an up-tight arse when we discussed drinking beer at the FNTL one Friday evening, then last year had a warning odd admin for racist comments when I was taking the piss, then upset dear Des when I commented that the people shot for desertion etc. in World War 1 were cowards, and diddums, as their descendants are trying to have them pardonned. Which would be disgusting, but as the current regime is a bunch of cowardy custards and give in to any old nonsense, such as apoligising for slavery, they will no douby give in to this.
Work is getting shittier, now we are going to work directly for the dutch. Feel bad at home as Jayne seems pissed off about something.
Did three turbo sessions last week, and 20 miles round Redditch and Watery Lane in the cold on Saturday. Not lost any weight. Talked to Hazel last week.