Friday, November 08, 2002

Friday and the prospect of a long drive home in heavy traffic and pouring rain is making me depressed. I really hope it is dry tomorrow and I will probably ride witht he Bromsgrove bash. Must try and arrange to not be on the front along the road to Droitwich from Hanbury, especially if some half-wheel merchant is alongside me. Did 2 good nights on the turbo. I just would not like to be in the room underneath mine, especially while I was doing 45 seconds flat out in 53 x 12 !
Spoilt things last night by going to the bar. H is odd, spoke last night & she souinded drunk or drugged, could'nt make out what she said and no response to my texts today or yesterday. Might be a good thing if we don't meet again. That should help keep me off the alcohol. The prospect of lugging turbo up on Monday, back home Tue to go to circuits, back up for Wed and Thu is a little daunting at the moment. Well, i'll be getting very fit. Had a bottle of wine yesterday evening and bed at 00.15, which is pretty good ! Better than the last 2 Thursday evenings when bed at 2.30 and 1.30 was the norm.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Created on Wednesday, in Horwich. Edited for a bunch of spelling.....
Ah, later on Friday afternoon I started having the shits. My insides just fell out in the form of rusty water. Now this started as I was thinking about leaving for the long drive home. The traffic on the M6 was awful. I had to keep stopping at service stations to squirt. Arrived home almost leaking, had to run to the bog. Felt bad all Saturday. Not till late Sunday did I stabilise. Went to R in Dartford Monday. We had fireworks on monday evening. Oooh, wizz bang etc. Joanne and her boyfreind condescended to watch and she even had sparklers. The drive home on Monday was stunning ! Free flowing traffic up round the M25 onto the M1, just one slow bit on the M1. Very odd. Now after that horrible weekend I decided to ease off on the alcohol, even though it was a stomach bug I had. I also had my first weeks training schedule from my coach. I am determined to succeed next year. Follow the schedule, which basically has THREE turbo sessions, (4 including Tuesday) and 2 sets of body exercises, 2 hours steady on Saturday morning and Sunday club run. For the time being.
Did circuits yesterday evening, took things steady.
I do feel fairly determined to acheive something next year, a sort of quiet confidence, that my training over the past 18 months, and the training schedule and expert coaching to come will get me there. I'm going to get a BC licence and go for RR points and ride the National Veterans series, and also I want a shot at the National hill climb. Well, if I have something to aim for I can hit it. Unlike this year when I just rode and raced, no real plan. Now this evening I will do turbo work, stretching & yoga, get some healthy stuff from Asda, watch tv & sleep. Getting up in the morning to do 2 circuits as prescribed by my coach.