Monday, August 13, 2007

Bye bye Anthony H. Wilson.

Once again another one of my heroes dies. There seems to be more dead people than live people I admire.
(Except John Fucking Lennon, who I always disliked, and elvis who I thought was a bit of a dickhead).
Weekend ? Finished painting the shed, washed my car (hahahaha !) and did a ride on my slick road mtb tyres round Hopwood and up the steep hill of Icknield St, and to King Snorton, along the canal and back along the Rea Valley path which has been nicely tarmaked and can cut out the bit along the main road altogether. Well, it is 1998 when I last rode along it with David.
This week, skive a morning off to see if I can drive early to Tryfan and do a route, then back to office, hmmm.