Friday, July 11, 2003

Good week for training, actually followed my schedule to the letter ! Monday rest ! Tuesday 2 hours level 1/2, Wednesday 20 mins warm-up, 5x30 seconds, 3 mins easy, 1 minute hard, 1 minute rest, then repeat the whole lot, then 30 minutes easy. Thursday 20 minutes warm-up, 4 x 30 seconds totally flat out, then 45 minutes level 2. Tuesday rushed home, no tea straight out. Wednesday was getting up at 0530 to train eary, alarm goes off but I don't. Decided to work at home, did the training in the morning. In the afternoon a rendevous with Hazel at Corley M^ services as she was on her way to Hertfordshire to stay with her friend. Thursday got involved in a complex bit of software, nervy that I would be stuck for the evening, managed to get away at 18.10, rushed home, no tea as usual.
Today I don't care as its a rest day, though I may do 30 minutes really easy this evening. The 2-day kicks off with a 2.5 mile TT 11.00 tomorrow morning !

Monday, July 07, 2003

Friday was just another day when I arrived back from a fun day in work and didn't ride my bike.
Instead I bought a bottle of wine and a few wheat beers. And drank them.
Saturday I actually went out and did a few easy miles, round Bromsgrove, Stoke Works, Hanbury and stuff. Mowed and tidied in the afternoon.
Sunday, collect Peter and off to Tysoe in deepest South Warwickshire on the edge of the Cotswolds so hills were involved. Felt good, finished in the middle of the bunch in the final spprint not even breathing hard. Which means I should have been at the front contesting the sprint. The only time I had to ride hard was when some twonk had his gears fail or something just in front of me on the hill, I had to go onto the verge to get past him and chase down the remains of the bunch.
Then Sunday evening bought 4 bottles of beer, sat outside and drank them.
Working in the office today and maybe for some time.