Friday, July 11, 2003

Good week for training, actually followed my schedule to the letter ! Monday rest ! Tuesday 2 hours level 1/2, Wednesday 20 mins warm-up, 5x30 seconds, 3 mins easy, 1 minute hard, 1 minute rest, then repeat the whole lot, then 30 minutes easy. Thursday 20 minutes warm-up, 4 x 30 seconds totally flat out, then 45 minutes level 2. Tuesday rushed home, no tea straight out. Wednesday was getting up at 0530 to train eary, alarm goes off but I don't. Decided to work at home, did the training in the morning. In the afternoon a rendevous with Hazel at Corley M^ services as she was on her way to Hertfordshire to stay with her friend. Thursday got involved in a complex bit of software, nervy that I would be stuck for the evening, managed to get away at 18.10, rushed home, no tea as usual.
Today I don't care as its a rest day, though I may do 30 minutes really easy this evening. The 2-day kicks off with a 2.5 mile TT 11.00 tomorrow morning !


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