Thursday, June 26, 2003

What, er, what, er, um, er. I dunno.
Another middle of the week and what has transpired since last I blogged.
Friday, track ! Brilliant. 1st was a 12 lap scratch. Felt OK. then a 500M handicap. I didn't know what to expect, the guy in front went off at a right old rate, so I started accelerating, but too late ! The other guys came storming past and by the time I got up speed I passed a couple but was well off the pace. Then a 12 lap 'course du prime'. No, I didn't know what this event is, a sort of points race, Finished 4th ! Had a go on the front, attacked, but points only down to 3rd. Then horrors, it was 21.35 and we started a 40 lap scratch race along with the A cats. Well I worked on the front, had a go, jumped across to the fast group, but then with 4 or 5 laps to go a twit in front of me let a big gap open, by the time I got round him I couldn't close the gap, so I just plodded hard, a group I lapped latched on, then most came past me in the final sprint. Interesting that the results of the B riders in this race don't list me, as a couple of the lapped riders were Bs, which put them 1 lap down on me ?
Saturday had a nice ride out to Alvechurch, Moons Moat, up to the Ridgeway, down to Coughton, along a lane that took me almost back to Alcester, Huff Cap, Ullenhall & home. All in hazy sunshine. Mowed lawns and stuff.
Sunday took it easy then up M6 to Horwich ! Great drive up to J27, very little traffic it was smashing ! Got ready at the Swallowfield and off to the Horwich carnival circuit. Met Rob Bishop and his curvy partener. Lasted about 5 laps, then about 5 with a small group then got lapped. It was fast and my legs hurt from Friday !
Watched more racing then back to hotel. Had a couple of beers then Hazel arrived. Ended up in the bar, not too late though.
Monday had a trip to Southport of all places !
Tuesday work in Leamington and home for a hard ride round Barnt Green, Gambolds, Upper Bentley, Tardebigge, Cobley Hill, Alvechurch, Watery Lane.
Wednesday in Leamington, off to Rochdale tomorrow.


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