Friday, June 06, 2003

Friday. In the office. On Monday I sort of arranged a trip up North. Driving into Leamington on Monday morning I decided not to go, rung the project guy and said there is no real stuff I could do, so I'll book the rest of the week on holiday, as I feel pretty frazzled. So arranged that, then called the office to confirm and no, there is some urgent work just come in. Waited a while and it was confirmed, so the outcome was Tuesday and Wednesday hols, Thursday into Watford. So I went to M42 services at Hopwood, booked a night at the serviced apartments in Manchester. Had a slow drive to Parkers. Where I arranged to bring my Look in to get triple bb put in to try and sort out the chain alignment. Then up the A41 to Warrington, under the Mersey to Liverpool. Into Manchester. Sorted out my apartment & went and picked up Hazel. Then she was impressed with the apartment ! Big room which was a kitchen/diner, and bathroom and bedroom.Eat & went for a wander around and a few drinks.
Wednesday morning wandered around Afflecks Palace, then took H home, then back myself. went to the bash but no-one there.


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