Friday, May 16, 2003

Today is Friday and here I am in the office at Merry Hill. How merry. So what has transpired since I last posted my words on this here virtual diary ?
On the 14th May I posted, I drank a lot on the evening before, that was at home after spending most of the day driving round Lancashire with Hazel.
Had a coffee in Rivington Barn. Nice prints of round Rivington, I am sure I could paint as well as those. Gave Hazel a couple of water colours I did back in 1985/1986.
Haven't ridden my bike since Sunday. Said last night who has noticed what I have been doing different, only Joanne noticed I haven't ridden my bike for a while ! Might go and watch the track at Halesowen this evening to see about buying/borrowing a track bike with the idea of racing. Must get back to training over the weekend, I have felt jaded with the crap effort at the 3-day, then not bothering to race on Sunday. No races this weekend, Inberrow next and the Coventry 2-day the following. Not sure after that, I had better check.


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