Tuesday, April 29, 2003

This is becoming a very boring sort of diary, a simple record of my doings if you will.
So what are my thoughts, somewhat numbed after all that has happened over the company since last November, an the constant uncertainty is very wearying. How do I feel over Hazel and my life ? Very complex, Such good times with Hazel, and in Manchester too !
Oh fuck its raining, and cool, so this weekend may be good fun, three days of wet ! That might be good for me, I used to excel in the bad condidtions, lets see if I can re-create that toughness from the past !
As New Order sang, 'good times around the corner'....
I hope so.
Fillongley ! One of the destinations of my first club runs with the Birchfield, it looked different. There are lots of roads I have driven along recently that I had only ever cycled, how odd.
This isn't as much fun as working in Horwich where I could pick and choose a hotel, and enjoy the company of John and the other piss-artists util the early hours. Boy, I miss that. What I may do is spent a night there next week, except they charge �55 for a room, even though I asked for a cheaper room. Must have a llok on laterooms, to see if those apartments in Manchester are any cheaper.


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