Friday, April 18, 2003

I rode the Wyre Forest hilly TT this morning and rode better, much better than I imagined I would. Did pretty well really, won �6 for the first B cat veteran, and finished 23rd overall, out of 53. Winner did 1.08.30, I did 1.18.56. Better than last year when I think I did 1.26 ? 1.28 ? I can't remember of find last years time. I didn't try too hard, kept it steady waiting for the big hill, and got to the bottom, and couldn't get my smallest gear, so had to climb it in 39x18, which is what I went up in 1988, but struggled and my minute man came past twiddling a tiny little gear, I wish I had a tiny gear as I caught him up just after Newnham Bridge but he pulled away up the hill. So not a bad result. Home, took the bottom bracket out of my mountain bike & greased it. Then out for a spin round Cofton, Finstall, a joy with the fresh Easterly wind on my back ! on the way back it was into the wind ! Sat and eat a banana on the road at Bentley, in the warm sun ! Just 1 week ago I went out in the eavening and froze ! Stopped and 'phoned Hazel from the road up to Barnt Green sitting on the railway bridge by the M42. I must say I'm very impressed by Jar56 ! Went a walk to the waste ground with David, then bought some beer. And am now drinking it.


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