Thursday, April 17, 2003

Now here I am in the office, on a Thursday. Well its a sort of Friday as tomorrows a bank holiday and I'm riding the Wyre Forest Hill TT. Yippee.
At the weekend I rode the Soluhull LVRC on Saturday and did badly. Had a go on the 1st lap then found myself at the back which is where I stayed the most of the race. Appaling really. Felt so pissed off at my lack of motivation. Went and drank beer & wine on the evening, and a bag of crisps and broke yet another tooth.
- NO - Broke the tooth the preceeding week when I was driving to work late at Leamington whilst eating banana chips.
Sunday did a 30 mile plod and felt really strong. Well thats great.
Monday and Tuesday in Dartford. More wine.
Wednesday in Leamington. Left at 17.00, traffic seemed OK, up the A46 then made a mistake of coming off as I thought I couldn't get onto the A5 from the M69. 1st mistake. Had to wait in a queue and got back on M69, onto the A5. In a queue so decided to go up the A447. 2nd mistake. Then should have gone through Market Bosworth to join the A444, 3rd mistake. Crossed over the A42 and went down a side road which according to the map would take me onto the A50, 4th and biggest mistake. This road took me past East Midlands airport, much puzzling looking at map, how did that happen ? Then I was hoping it would be an easy hop onto the A50. Oh no, stuck in a slow jam for 1 mile to the A50 turn. 'phoned Hazel, then phoned again to get her to tell the hotel I'll be late. Then off on the A50, loads of traffic and slow going round the islands by Uttoxeter, then clear run in to Manchester. Got parked in a multi storey right by security so that felt good. Last time I stopped in Manchester I had my car broken into. Then had a wander up Tib Street to the Bar Centro for some Hoegaarden ! Yippee ! But later after 3 pints & wine I zonked out !
Drive back was OK, went to Parkers for some tyres & inner tubes.


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