Thursday, April 24, 2003

Thursday. Went on the clubs very own chain gang yesterday evening. I left Leamington at 5.15 and was at Wood End at 5.50 ! The traffic was alarmingly light in view of the roadworks on the M42 which slowed me down so much in the morning. So I had a little ride around first. Then met and had a good talk with Psycho. He was a bit pissed off as Brian beat him by 2 seconds in a '10 ! & started, Alastair kept the pace too high for the warm-up lap, then for the first 2 laps roared thru too fast. I was fine with that but at the start of the penultimate lap we were down to 4; me, Alastair, Brian and Niel Wilkes. Well thats all. Nothing interesting. Hazel was ill over the weekend, no better yesterday so went to the doctor. It is gall-stones.


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