Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Wednesday. In the office, and it feels so depressing, a few consultants sitting miserably and morgue-like. Oh joy.
Saturday went out and did 41 fun miles around Cutnall Green (could be a nasty spelling error) and Elmbridge, over to Woodgate and got wet as it started belting down after Tardebigge. Then washing kit & drying shoes. Sunday off to Becketts & met Bob on his mtb, Alistair & Chris Duffield. To Bidford, Welford, Stratford, Wellesbourne, they stoopped & I continued alone.Snitterfield, Brearley, Wooton Wawen, Ullenhall, Weatheroak, starts really raining near Man-in-Moon, home wet again. Over & got Dad for dinner. Then took him home & to Fort.
Monday Leamington. Tuesday home, did intervals, creaking noise from bike wouldn't go away. Took cranks off, found a crack on the left hand one, shit. Out to Primrose Hill for a club meeting.


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