Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Wednesday evening. Was due to do somw serious work on the bike this evening but pissing rain obviated that plan. Had a text mid-afternoon to call Jayne on her mobile, and Joanne was turned down from all her University choices as her application hadn't arrived, at all. So, I was mad. Got home and she arrived later, called her a dick-head for not sending off her application in a timely manner. Oh dear, wrong again. She spoke to someone at college that 'phoned UCAS and sorted it out. They never received the completed form, and Joanne sent it with ample time to spare. So I had to eat my words. Bought some lager to cheer up a mserable mid-week. Still, the boss called me in to say there is no pay rise, but I am on a 8% bonus scheme, so unless I make a total arse of yself there will be a quarterly 8% bonus. Starting last February which should work out at 800 quid a quarter. Also, checking my pay slips I find that they have knocked 66 quid a month off for BUPA. Which is odd as I left BUPA in Feb. So on my reckoning I am owed 200 quid.


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