Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Monday in Leamington
Friday home & did a little ride around Alvechurch & along Ryknild Street.
Saturday collected Peter and off to Severn Stoke. Nice and sunny. Had a 6 mile warm-up ride, took it steady. Then off we went. Never struggled, kept up on the hills no bother. Could have attacked at the end I still felt so fresh. That was excellent ! Went back in a very good mood. Home and mowed lawns and did some tidying.
sunday up early, out to Alvechurch, Moons Moat, lanes to Huff Cap, lanes to Great Alne, lanes to Ullenhall, Mockley & eventually to Gay Hill & home. 43 nice sunny miles.
Collected Dad for dinner. Then went with David along the Daffodil Park, up Bristol Road to Lickey, along track from bottom of Rose Hill to other end by Golf course & back home along Bristol Road, then off and bought 4 tins of lager and a bottle of red, and drank it in the garden. Yet more alcoholic over-indulgence. Feel lousy now, even after some paracetamol. Going for a burger might make me feel better.
Still thinking about Horwich, especially as I need a haircut so where the hell do I go round here to get a cut ? Managed intervals last night,
10 x 30 seconds up a rise, next time I'll do them on the flat.


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