Thursday, July 03, 2003

Weird dream - I was drinking in some crappy bar where the local hard case wanted me to play cards with him.
I later told him I don't enjoy cards so he got upset, took it as I didn't like playing cards with him arranges for
me & someone else to get a right good kicking, so into this place surrounded by high stone walls comes a big
guy saying where are they, I try half-heartedly to climb the wall, but get pulled back with the guy kicking out
coming towards me and I wake up. In the dream I was aware of having a similar experience, so maybe I
dreamt something similar previously ?

Last night was David's school summer concert, he played well but the amplifier was too loud and really spoilt
what he did. Tonight I really should do some training, tomorrow up to Manchester and watch some tester try
for the hour record. As if some UK based time triallist will take the blue riband of cycling. Yeah, right.
Another wierd dream: Driving somewhere London way, wanted to find my way back along A5 but roads were
all wrong. Stopped in some town centre and roads were all wrong. Looked at things in a shop window, then
sort of woke up. My brain is odd.
Planned to train yesterday evening but didn't, had tea, then watched Takeshis Castle, was going out after that
finished at 19.00, yeah right. So watched an old episode of the Simpsons, just an excuse, put my nose out on
the patio, too cold so fuck it.
Went to Manchester velodrome after work, up M42/M1/A57. Took 3 hours, 140 miles.
Then stopped in Brittanias with H. Drive down good this morning.


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