Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Todays Tuesday, tuesdays roast beef, is everybody happy ? You bet yer life we are.

Had my annual (or 6 monthly) review this morning, from my chums in Holland, land of dykes
and tulips. Ho hum. In spite of my alarming laziness and general grumpiness they seem to think I'm pretty damn good at what I do (what is it ?). And of course going forward everything will be better, communications with the team will improve and we will march onwards and upwards to acheive great things. Seeing as I'm already wondering how much pension i will have if I retire
early in 9 years time, I have an eny weeny suspicion that I will continue to march to the sound of a different drummer.

So, the trip to California was good and bad. Good in that I met some splendid people, bad in that I was ill on the Monday and Tuesday.

Last weekend actually went out and did 10 miles on my road bike, wonder of wonders. It felt good to be back on skinny tyres. Went to the airgun club early sunday with the boy. Dad for dinner. Sat in the garden and had some wine on the evening, very pleasant, if a trifle cold. (I don't like trifle).

Friday I will enter the Halesowen track league, and might actually ride the 10 mile scratch, as way of a bit of training to see how I feel.
How I feel -
1. Blasted out the back on the first lap; oh dear.
2. Blasted out the back if the pace goes up after a few laps; very poor.
3. Finish about lap down; not so bad.
3. Finish with the group; hmmm. I doubt it.