Wednesday, July 28, 2004

One week later.
Wednesday left half hour early and went up the M6. Went to this hotel in Gorton. OK and only �32. Noticed a run-down pub over the road, so of course went there. Boddingtons at �1.48 a pint. Called a few times - no answer. Very enjoyable few pints. 
Dropped off a book of poems next morning, had a text at 10ish saying 'forgot mob.' or charger or some other such lame excuse. Wended my way home via picking up chainring from Fred Williams, and seeing Dad.  
Friday, track day ! And sunny !
Went to Boundary Mill in Walsall, dead loss. Bought some pumps from sports shop.
Rode a good scratch race, got 3rd. My first points this year !
Coming up to get a good place in the 800M sprint but faded coming out the last banking. Got points in the points race, then decided to go home, as I had a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge. So missed the Danish pursuit, where I would probably have done well. But really enjoyed the wine, and the bottle of red afterwards.
Saturday took David to a hot air balloon festival in Cofton Park.
Sunday Dad for dinner, then sat out in garden with some wine, in freezing cold.
Monday, work.
Crap few days, except for the track on Friday. Whats up with her ?
Tuesday, went off and rode a 2-up 10 TT with Ryan ! We did 24.23 (his fastest ever time).
This came about as Ryan posted a message on the club web site saying would anyone ride with him. Well at least it got me out. And did it on my road bike, with no aero clip-ons !
I thing I could have probably done maybe 30 seconds quicker on my own, maybe. It was pretty hard going, he is fitter than me !