Friday, February 07, 2003

I took David to see Lord of the rings II, The Two Towers, last weekend. Well, the hobbits have left Telly-Tubby land. Gandalf has lost his stupid hat and he no longers refers to Morrrddorrrrr. Pretty good all round entertainment ! Gandalf beat the fire thing and wasn't dead after all. Now Mondeo and the other hobbit are accompanied into Mordor by a computer-generated version of Old Man Steptoe. And he has just as bad habits.
Friday and I'm in the office,,,, at Merry Hill. How not very merry. Miserable week, Jayne ill, doing all the cooking etc. which isn't so bad. But I didn't sleep well all week, must get an early night tonight. Just now my whole life feels so disjointed. Ugh. What with Manchester, Horwich my brain is just a whirl. Had an odd dream on Wednesday, I met Rolph Harris, last night a nasty dream in which my broken teeth broke even more and bled. Monday I went into the office, Tuesday I went to Parkers and bought some tyres, Wednesday I went shopping in the evening, yesterday I went to Parkers again and bought some bottle cages. Monday 40 mins turbo, Tuesday Primrose Hill, Wednesday 1.05 mins turbo, same yesterday.

Monday, February 03, 2003

The final words.....
Horwich things;
1st drive up to 3Peaks in late March, seeing them snow covered.
The Jarvis.
Take me to the River, Groove Armada.
Northern Star.
1st cycle ride round Winter Hill.
meal with Diane Quoidbach.
Drives to Widdop.
Kingsdale walks & cave explorations.
Meal with Astrid Valentin, Gay disco in Manchester.
Drinking at the Reform Club.
Bar Belgo in Tib Street.
Walking up the 3Peaks.
Seeing where Pura was in Bootle.
Drives out onto moors with Phillipe Veyt.
Rock climbing at Windgather, excellent sunset in Sep or Oct.
Seeing meteor shower.
Car broken into in multi storey.

Italy !
Seeing the Northern Lights.
Walking up Howgills.
Speeding on M61.
Digital camera.
Climbing with Martin at Brownstones Quarry.
Walks with Martin in Dales.
Drive to Shap.
Drives from Horwich to Dartford.
Walk over moors the North side of Winter Hill.
The Swallowfield, fire-extinguisher fights !
Atlanta !

Night at Atlantis disco.
De Veres Whites. The gym & getting fit.
Dad in hospital and many night drives.
Watched sunset over Solway Firth from North Pennines.
Masters World Champs at Manchester Velodrome.
The document quote !
The Trees.
The odd missed Friday to drive nice routes home.

More cycling.
Horwich training bash around Rivington.
Commonwealth Games cycling events.
Walked up Winter Hill.
Mountain bike ride round Hoton and Oughtershaw.
Late drinks with John & cronies at Swallowfield.
Night at Casino.
Chinese meal with John from Swallowfield.

Still here, but only just and ending.
All night with Hazel.
Last night out at Ikon in Bolton.
Saturday Jayne was ill and it was snowy early on. Took Joanne to Touchwood to buy her a present, then David to watch Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, in the afternoon. Yesterday did a 72 mile spin to Astwood Bank, Weethly, lanes to Fladbury, over the Avon, Hinton, back up the by-pass, and gave Martin Beans a good hammering up Gorcott. I think the stress of the past few days has put up my blood pressure. My resting HR has been high, I must watch it for the next couple of days. To see it back to 46.
My first post Horwich blog. There remains a faint hope that I may return, a faint hope. But a hope nontheless. So here I am in Merry Hill yet again. Now I have nothing at all in the short term. Not been like this since 1998 ! I must check and see if I can find my diary from early 1999 as I didn't start recording my time on a spreadsheet until June. So I wonder exactly when my time in Horwich started. But I suppose its unhealthy looking over the past. But at the moment the past seems so very good compared with the present. But, I got my car back today. Apart from a worrying start when the speedometer didn't work and a warning light came on. So took it back, it was the engine management system not connected properly apparently.