Saturday, June 03, 2006

Say no to nasty sharp things, abolish scissors with the caring socialists;
In Northants 306 knives were handed in. In Cambs the figure was 212, and 175 were handed in to Suffolk Police.
The news comes after Essex Ambulance Service handed out anti-stab vests out to 700 paramedics and Ipswich Borough Council bought 10 anti-vests for its parking attendants.

anti-vests ? Are vests dangerous too ?

Fuck vegetables. Those horrid green things that spoil a good meal. I have almost had to stand up and shout at waiters trying to get the message across the I don't want salad with my steak and chips ! Yet along they come with a side-plate with salad on. What part of 'no salad' don't they understand ? Tossers.

Sack him;
A mayor cannot hold his position unless he swears alliegiance to The Crown. What a cunt.

Went to the track yesterday evening, I'm really almost tempted to race. Hmmm.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Guess what sort of drug addict I am ??

Which Drug Addict Are You?
The Junkie
You overdose on anything and everything you can get hold of. You often become addicted to things nobody knew you could be addicted to before. Friends often abandon you after you raid their medicine cabinets looking for over the counter pills to pop.

No surprise there, then.
We are really fucked in Great Britain. Our very own government seem hell-bent on splitting up the Union into crappy little separate states, that are funded by the tax-payers of the only bit that earns money. As a Scot, I sort of understand the need of many Scots to be independant from England, but as an Englishman (Eh ? My parents are Scots and I was born in England, so I am Scottish and English) I want to live in Great Britain, The United Kingdom, and wave a Union Flag. I also object to paying for a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly out of the money I earn by working for an american company that is in turn making lots of money by helping companies to downsize and move their manufacturing off-shore. So maybe its justice that by helping Royal Doulton all their manufacturing to Indonesia, 50% of the money I earn is stolen off me by the government and used to fund the breakup of my Country.
What we need is a Peoples Militia. If we had an armed group that could oppose the government, maybe they would think twice about screwing up the Country. Maybe, but the americans let Clinton reduce the military, close lots of bases and stop lots of usefull schemes like missile defence.
Oh, there already is a private army, The duke of Atholl's Atholl Highlanders !

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why is the Chinese government siding with Iran over the nuclear power issue ? And the same with Russia. Are they simply being anti-imperialist ?
Is it because china wants to keep its oil flowing from islamic countries, or is it because it remains anti-American, and it's friends are anyone who is the enemy of America ? I think the latter, I just can't help but think that a country that has sent its armies to fight America in Korea and Vietnam can't help but harbour distrust of America. So where does that leave all the American companies that put much of their manufacturing capacity in China ?
What will happen if, say, there is a US air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities ? Will China continue siding with an Iran that decides to attack US interests in the Gulf ? Iran would probably try and blockade the Straghts of Hormuz, where most oil exports aare shipped out to East and West. Would Iran attack US warships ? Would they be able to ? So if Iran launches attacks on US forces and thus closes the output of oil, this wouldn't be in Chinas' interest, surely.
Or am I talking out of my arse.

Word of the day - BORED.
This evening I may ride my bike, then sit in the garden.
Alien abductions...

This plucky farmer is using the 'anti abduction helmet' for himself and his friend.

Its far worse then I ever imagined. Not only are humans being abducted, but livestock, too !
How awful !

Jonathan Porritt is a mealy-mothed eco-freak, the sort that wants to impose his idea of a happy world on everybody else.

Why is all this in large font ? Why does it go large even though i click normal ?

Another edit... here is Herr Porritt; (Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt, 2nd Baronet):

A Baronet eh ? Truly one of the Volk.

I remember when I was a TA Soldier, wearing clothing, carrying a weapon, travelling in various vehicles all made in Britain.
Now, clothing is made in China, ammunition comes from Belgium, the current armoured cars are worn out and don't offer protection from powerfull explosives detonated underneath the vehicles. So quite rightly, the forces are looking for replacements. The latest is a Swiss made vehicle, looks pretty good. Swiss ? What happened to our defence manufacturers ?
Looking at a list of US gun makers, the list runs into hundereds. Us in Britain seem to have one gun maker, that produce the rubbish SA80 assult rifle. Can this be right ? The country that was the defender of the entire free world in 1940 has only one gum maker, and has to buy armoured cars from abroad ? What the fuck ?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sharia in Birmingham.
Ten years ago I laughed at people accusing the socialist leaders of Birmingham of buying muslim votes by re-generating run-down inner-city areas. Now I'm laughing on the other side of my face as all the evidence points to this policy being true. The postal vote scandal (which seems to have been brushed under the carpet) whereby whole streets voted for the same councillor was exposed by Conservatives. A 'street leader' or a cleric will tell people who to vote for, most wives or muslims will only be allowed by thier husbands to vote by post, and the husbands will put the X on the ballot paper. The council (socialists) organise mini-buses to ensure the voters get to the polling stations. Thus if a socialist councillor is returned, the money appeared to have all the houses and roads in that area improved. Money was also given to help build mosques. When was the last time a council gave money to help build a church ?
Is this corruption ? I think so. My money stolen from me in council tax is being used to build not, as some of the councillors like to believe, a socialist utopia, but instead, a Sharia hell-hole. the first to hang from the lampposts in inner-city Birmingham will be the lefties, that islam so despises, but will work alongside to bring about the defeat of The West.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Wrong Guy.
He is really the right guy ! Guy Goma was in the BBC reception area waiting for a job interview as an IT person, and got hauled off to do a live interview on some lame BBC rolling news network show. He was splendid !
His website
Has an online petition to the BBC to give him a job. I think he would do well as a broadcaster, much better than the oafs the BBC currently wheel out in front of the cameras to present the news. As I am beggining to suspect the BBC is run by a bunch of whole-grain bed-wetting lily-livered liberals I don't suppose he would fit in. But they do have a news presenter that was an officier in the Jamaican Army, and actually saw action ! Darren Jordan.
Cycling, whats up with the sport ?
The president of the UCI, cycling's governing body has said he is the dark about whats happening with the anti-doping investigation in Spain, by the spanish police and government. Thats totally unacceptable, that the head of the organisation that is supposed to administer the sport is in the dark about the greatest threat to the sport. Oh, its just the same as Rowan Williams being in the dark about the true meaning of islam I suppose.

Gilberto Simoni, what a cry-baby ! He was upset when Damien Cunego beat him in the 2004 Giro, now he claims that Ivan Basso offered him a bribe to let him win stage 20 of this years Giro. First he said Basso asked him to stay together on the descent from the Motorillo Pass, and if they did, he would gift Simoni the stage win. Basso says he did ask Simoni not to leave him behind on the descent, as they would be able to stay away form the chasers. I just think Simoni is a bad loser.
Am I becoming more intolerant as I age ?
Not too many years ago I was shocked by my cousin declaring her hatred of Asians. She lives in Wick, a small town with a dozen Asians living there. A tiny minority, yet her, and most of the locals, really detest them. My Dad says he don't like Asians, yet he was friendly with the Pakistani guy that ran the local Post Office, before the lovely Government closed it down. They used to talk about farming and horses. And my cousin in wick is quite happy to shop at the mini-market thats run by Asians.
In the past couple of years I have found myself changing, I used to believe that black people were held back by our predujices, but now after the many muders, rapes and robberies committed by blacks I wonder if there really is something in their genes that makes them less intelligent. Likewise islam. I first had my doubts in the late 1980s when Ayatollah Khomeni issued the death penatly against Salman Rhusdie. Since then, with me, its been all downhill with the evil cult. The more I hear about it, the less I like it.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Good news ! The British are sensible after all !,,30000-1223066,00.html
We don't like animal activists !
I don't like animal activists, so the news my views are common is only to be expected.

More good news;,,30000-13525983,00.html

Prince Phillip don't like the Olympics and thinks the ceremonies are boring !
I'm beginning to take a shine to some of the Royals, Prince Phillip is quite right, the Olympics are about competition, not the posturing of opening and closing ceremonies.
What a sensible chap, but what happened to his nutcase son, Charles ?
The maniac that married an ugly horse-face, and sucks up the the evil of islam ?
Defender of Faiths, my arse. Lets just hope the Crown by-paases this loony.

And more good news, I managed to drag my lazy arse out for a training ride this morning, in spite of the cold. Avoided the rain and hail, yippee ! And the forecast is for warmer, more settled weather ! Actually did the front garden yesterday, tidied the borders, cut the lawn and took up all the weeds starting to grow along the kerb.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

La Chouffe. Belgian beer from the Ardennes. Mmmmm.

Brewed by gnomes, apparently.