Friday, June 02, 2006

We are really fucked in Great Britain. Our very own government seem hell-bent on splitting up the Union into crappy little separate states, that are funded by the tax-payers of the only bit that earns money. As a Scot, I sort of understand the need of many Scots to be independant from England, but as an Englishman (Eh ? My parents are Scots and I was born in England, so I am Scottish and English) I want to live in Great Britain, The United Kingdom, and wave a Union Flag. I also object to paying for a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly out of the money I earn by working for an american company that is in turn making lots of money by helping companies to downsize and move their manufacturing off-shore. So maybe its justice that by helping Royal Doulton all their manufacturing to Indonesia, 50% of the money I earn is stolen off me by the government and used to fund the breakup of my Country.
What we need is a Peoples Militia. If we had an armed group that could oppose the government, maybe they would think twice about screwing up the Country. Maybe, but the americans let Clinton reduce the military, close lots of bases and stop lots of usefull schemes like missile defence.
Oh, there already is a private army, The duke of Atholl's Atholl Highlanders !


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