Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sharia in Birmingham.
Ten years ago I laughed at people accusing the socialist leaders of Birmingham of buying muslim votes by re-generating run-down inner-city areas. Now I'm laughing on the other side of my face as all the evidence points to this policy being true. The postal vote scandal (which seems to have been brushed under the carpet) whereby whole streets voted for the same councillor was exposed by Conservatives. A 'street leader' or a cleric will tell people who to vote for, most wives or muslims will only be allowed by thier husbands to vote by post, and the husbands will put the X on the ballot paper. The council (socialists) organise mini-buses to ensure the voters get to the polling stations. Thus if a socialist councillor is returned, the money appeared to have all the houses and roads in that area improved. Money was also given to help build mosques. When was the last time a council gave money to help build a church ?
Is this corruption ? I think so. My money stolen from me in council tax is being used to build not, as some of the councillors like to believe, a socialist utopia, but instead, a Sharia hell-hole. the first to hang from the lampposts in inner-city Birmingham will be the lefties, that islam so despises, but will work alongside to bring about the defeat of The West.


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