Monday, May 29, 2006

Good news ! The British are sensible after all !,,30000-1223066,00.html
We don't like animal activists !
I don't like animal activists, so the news my views are common is only to be expected.

More good news;,,30000-13525983,00.html

Prince Phillip don't like the Olympics and thinks the ceremonies are boring !
I'm beginning to take a shine to some of the Royals, Prince Phillip is quite right, the Olympics are about competition, not the posturing of opening and closing ceremonies.
What a sensible chap, but what happened to his nutcase son, Charles ?
The maniac that married an ugly horse-face, and sucks up the the evil of islam ?
Defender of Faiths, my arse. Lets just hope the Crown by-paases this loony.

And more good news, I managed to drag my lazy arse out for a training ride this morning, in spite of the cold. Avoided the rain and hail, yippee ! And the forecast is for warmer, more settled weather ! Actually did the front garden yesterday, tidied the borders, cut the lawn and took up all the weeds starting to grow along the kerb.


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