Thursday, May 25, 2006

Race riots in oldham.
These happened in 2001. The media generally referred to them as race riots, meaning white vs. Asian, but the real reason was deeper. A wordy report by Professor Cantle of The Institute of Community Cohesion (what the fuck ?), Coventry University, has just been published.
In it there are many words about communities, vision, attitudes, engagement, partenership arrangements. But there is just one telling sentence;

Among those interviewed were a young Muslim mother who was discouraged from mixing with her non-Muslim Indian neighbour and a white man who did not want to mix with Asian students at his college because he felt they had nothing in common.
The report said: "Such attitudes are completely untenable as a basis upon which to build cohesive communities."

The exact words from the report are;
�My neighbour is Indian and my Muslim community tell me off for speakingwith her. They say, I should speak to her if I am getting her to embrace Islam� otherwise no.�

This is the real reason behind the riots, that muslims are not allowed to mix with others, a fact which a chap I was working with in Bolton that lives in Oldham pointed out at the time of the riots. The majority, maybe all, the Asians in Oldham are Bangladeshi muslims. In only one place in the report does religion get mentioned as a reason for segregation, and it is followed with a white youth saying he does not want to mix with Asians;
�I have nothing to do with them (Asians) at my college. We have nothing incommon and we would not want to get involved with each other. We arehappy as we are�.

So the report gives a bad comment from a muslim and 'balances' it with a bad comment from a baddy (young white).
Nowhere does it say that the basic beliefs and mindset (religion) of the Asians is wrong.


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