Monday, May 22, 2006

The Giro ! Bit of a dull stage today, ending in a sprint won by Bettini. But the Eurosport coverage did include a re-run of the 2002 finish in the same town, Brescia, won in style by Mario Cipollini. How I miss that bloke from the peleton !
Here his website;

Tomorrow its back in the mountains, with a horrendous stage on Wednesday, when it finishes on a dirt track at an Alpine ski resort, Plan de Corones. Brilliant ! Dirt tracks in a bike race, thats what its all about.

Oh, blimey. Theres a word verification I have to fill in to verify my blogging. Ho hum.

Three muslim guys found guilty of murdering a young black guy. This happened when a rumour went around Handsworth that some black guys had gang-raped a Pakistani girl, or was it some Pakistanis ahd gang-raped a black girl ? No-ones sure. Seems the blacks are unhappy that the Asians have all the money. Thats because they work hard ! Most of the small groceries here are run by Sikhs and the outdoors by Hindus. I have never yet been in a shop run by a black.


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