Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I used to read, and enjoy, The Independant. It had good writers and a new slant on the World.
But it seems to have drifted into leftishnesh.
Today The Independant is edited by Bono !
Who ?
Bono !
Some has-been pop singer, famous for wearing dark glasses and espousing good causes.What next, The Times edited by Mick Jagger ? That would be worth reading. But bono, oh for fucks sake.
Yesterday was a fun day in Leamington, struggling with an awkward document problem. Saturday planted up the big bamboo in the big pot. Stripped down the creaking bottom bracket on my winter bike, it was dry, and full of corroded aluminium dirt:

Sunday collected Dad for dinner. Watched the Giro. Had a few tins of lager sitting out by the chimenea.


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