Saturday, May 13, 2006

In my day, men were much tougher blah blah blah.....

I really hate to say this, but I've become a Grumpy Old Man. (As my wife and children have been saying for years). And am I turning into the sort of old fart that blethers on about how things were better in my day ? Well in my day, when I did my basic Army training, one fun filled aspect was exposure to CS gas. We went into a sealed, airtight room in groups of 3 or 4, wearing our gasmasks. We then had to do some exercises; press-ups, running on the spot, then had to take our gasmasks off and until we started coughing, choking and retching, we were'nt allowed out. The idea was to ensure we had a good lung-full of CS gas, so we would understand what gas could do to us. Then we were thrown out (really thrown out because we could hardly see and were busy being ill) and pulled for a run by an NCO until we breathed normally again. Amongst some of the other horrors of basic training, it wasn't too bad. The 1 mile run in full kit with a rifle was my worst. Thats where I learned that a few pints in the NAAFI the night before was not a good idea. And learnt my lesson; from then on in I drank milk or orange juice, like all the NCOs did, except on days when there was no parade, which were few and far between.
Anyhoo, The Sun has published a tale of recruits bening bullied;
Bullied ? Isn't that ensuring recruits are trained properly ? What a weak place Britain has become.

More European fear and dhimmitude;
Oh, lets give those nice Iranians lots of goodies, because if they promise not to enrich any more Uranium, then of course, they will be telling the truth. And any more discoveries of enriched Uranium particles at military installations would be accidental deposits on equipment from other countries. Yeah, right. Like the unknown articles from Pakistan, where they already have nuclear weapons and the head of Pakistan's nuclear program has said he was keen for the whole muslim world to have nuclear weapons.


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