Wednesday, May 10, 2006

1. The Palestinians voted for Hammas, an organisation that sends children to murder Israelis.

2. The West (i.e. the Governments of most Western, civilised countries) say they will not help prop up the Palestinian Government while it is run by terrorists.

3. The United Nations and lots of hand-wringing lefties and liberals and other such fellow-travellers kick up a fuss, saying we can't let a democratically elected government fail and the poor people of Palestine will starve.

4. The Hammas group, bloodthirsty Jihadists and terrorists, are being given vast handouts from us in the West, their sworn enemies.

So me, and you, and the relatives of people killed in The Twin Towers and London suicide bombings are having money taken off us in tax, to be given to a bunch of murderers.

Ho, and indeed, hum.


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