Thursday, May 11, 2006

This woman;

Yvonne Ridley, a left-leaning journalist, converted to islam after being imprisoned by the Taleban. Of course she did, like many a mis-fit and confidence-lacking prisoner, she took the easy way out. In the same way that many black prisoners convert in UK and US jails, because it gives them a way of being against the evil oppressors in their own tiny minds. And there are no doubt many of her friends to encourage her, at least to her face; 'that burqa is just so devine !', 'you must be such a spiritual person'.
I wonder, as she readds more and more of the book of loonies (koran) will she enjoy what she reads ? Instructions on how to beat undutiful wives for instance ?

Oh yeah, cycling. Arrived home yesterday, and actually went out for a training ride. Well, I say training, it wasn't really. I felt tired and heavy with aching legs. So my illness of the past couple of days has taken more out of me than I though. Supposed to be racing soon, hmmm.
Plus I seemed to be riding through a wall of flies at times, when I blew my nose after having a shower, there were still flies coming out in my snot !


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