Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm confused. I look at Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and I see places I would like to go, with seemingly decent people. Yet they are Muslim countries. Is sharia not so strict there ? They seem more open and relaxed. Do they allow other religions ? Is it just Saudi that is so bad ? Is it the Wahabis ? Strange that reading an account of the eruption of Krakatua in the 19th century the writer blames Wahabis from Saudi Arabia for stirring up trouble and anti-Western feelings after the eruption. almost 200 years later and the same thing is happening.


Blogger jonz said...

I think Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates !

Anyway I know that Dubai/UAE are very rich countries, and have a vibrant tourist industry, where alcohol is freely served. Anywhere where alcohol is banned is sure to be some Sharia hell-hole!

They aren't as liberal as the secular Turks or anything like that, but they won't chop your balls off for cultural faux pas like kissing or driking in public.

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